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If you have been on the course recently you may of noticed some changes. The new winter mats are now in play, and im sure you will agree they have improved the enjoyment of winter golf. The feedback has been excellent, hopefully we can do more in the future which will help towards having a proper measured winter course. Massive thanks to the greens team for their hard work in bringing this project to fruition.
Also the eagle eyed of you will of noticed some changes on the 8/17th. There has been a tree planting exercise carried out, this will help massively with Drainage and control of water flow. A massive thanks to David Ellis for his organising of this. If you would like to read more and look at the pics of this project click the link below, then click on each individual item to view. Ryburn Tree Planting Project Link

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08.12.2023 10:17
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Following an inspection of the course and having reviewed the weather forecast it has been decided to keep the course closed until Monday morning when a further inspection will take place. Sorry for the inconvenience but we can’t control the weather.