Membership Enquiry

Membership enquiries can be made using the Contact Us page or be contacting the club through their Facebook page.

Ryburn Golf Club Membership Fees

Subscriptions for 2021

Full Membership: Gentlemen £590
5 Day Membership: Gentlemen£426
Full Membership: Ladies£457
5 Day Membership: Ladies£426
Reduced membership fees for members ages 21 to 35.
Aged 21 starts at £150 rising to £570 at age 35. Please use the Contact Us page or message us on Facebook to find what your exact membership fee will be.
8 - 12 years£30
13 - 15 years£60
16 - 17 years£90
18 - 20 years£120
Social Membership£15
Locker Fee£12
All playing members must also pay the appropriate Yorkshire & England Affiliation Fee of £12.70 for men and £16 for ladies.

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