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Application Form for the 2023/2024 Season

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Membership Enquiry

Membership enquiries can be made using the Contact Us page.

If you fill in an application form (please use the link above) we can contact you and discuss any questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest in our friendly and growing Golf Club.

Ryburn Golf Club Membership Fees

Subscriptions for 2023/2024

Full Membership: Gentlemen £630
5 Day Membership: Gentlemen£466
Full Membership: Ladies£497
5 Day Membership: Ladies£466
Reduced membership fees for members ages 21 to 35.
Aged 21 starts at £180 rising to £600 at age 35, in steps of £30. Please fill in an application form and we will be pleased to contact you with full details and answer any questions you may have.
8 - 12 years£30
13 - 15 years£30
16 - 17 years£90
18 - 20 years£135
Social Membership£18
Locker Fee (subject to availability)£18
All playing members must also pay the appropriate Yorkshire & England Affiliation Fee of £13.45 for men and £16 for ladies (£11.50 Ladies under 18)
  • Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation
  • Course Improvememts
  • Practising on the Course
  • When hit by a golf Ball it Hurts!
  • 2023-12-11
  • 2023-12-12
  • 2023-12-13
  • 2023-12-14
  • 2023-12-15
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Course Status
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08.12.2023 10:17
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Following an inspection of the course and having reviewed the weather forecast it has been decided to keep the course closed until Monday morning when a further inspection will take place. Sorry for the inconvenience but we can’t control the weather.