100 CLUB


(Replacing Weekly Golden Key Draw)

The objective of the 100 Club is to raise money for the development of our golf club by running a monthly prize draw of which 50% of monies raised will be returned as prizes.

It is hoped to eventually have 100 members but even from day 1 there will be a monthly prize of £100, the number and size of the prizes being increased as more members sign up.

You do not need to be a member of Ryburn Golf Club to be a member of the 100 club. It is also open to members’ wives, husbands, partners, children, friends etc., who will be become social members on entry. There is no restriction on the number of shares you can invest.

The draw will take place on the first Sunday of the month and all members who have paid £5 in the previous month will be included.

So as to make things easier for the administration of the 100 Club, payments into the club are strictly by bank standing order. Should you no longer wish to be a member you simply cancel your standing order.

If you like the idea of joining but do not want to set up a monthly standiing order you have the option of a one off annual payment of £60.

Either print off the standing order form from the website, complete your details and take to your bank, or  if you use online banking, simply set up your own standing order payment using the Ryburn Golf Club bank details that appear on the website standing order form.
First Draw Sunday 3rd May 2020

Good luck.

Any one who wishes to discuss this or has questions please contact Jonathan Hoyle on 01422 823166 mob 07785295012 or Steve Froggett on 01422 611491 mob 07463706084

This Months Winners - May 2021 Draw

1st Prize - £100 – Dave Nicholson, Number 100
2nd Prize - £50 – Steve Sugden, Number 97
3rd Prize - £30 – Steve Froggett, Number 52
4th Prize - £30 – Charles Adams, Number 40

5th Prize - £20 - Marylin Hoyle, Number 55


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