What are Rabbits?

‘Rabbits’ are only found in Yorkshire and the idea was to give higher handicaps the opportunity to represent their club in competitions.... no one really knows why they are called Rabbits!

Rabbits first started in 1922 at Knaresborough GC and years later became a more formal organisation offering friendly and competitive golf for higher handicap male golfers (Handicaps of 15.5 and upwards) across Yorkshire. As a Rabbit you can represent your Club in external competitions organised by the Halifax and Huddersfield District Rabbit Golf Association (HHDRGA) which was formed in 1953. Competitions are also organised by the the Yorkshire Rabbit Golf Association (YRDA). There are great links with the Rabbit sections of other local clubs through friendly matches.

The Rabbits Sections initiate projects that benefit the whole club - at Ryburn the Rabbits have supported many improvements at the club most recently through The 100 Club.

Please use the Contact Us form for more information or contact us through our Facebook site and a member of the Rabbits will get in touch.

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