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We have had a number of reports of golf balls being left on the course due to members practising. This has had an effect on a number of occasions of Ryburn matches vs other clubs.
Can we remind members that practising on the Course is not allowed, this is considered as hitting more than two balls during general play. It is not acceptable to use any tee boxes as a driving range. Appropriate action will be taken against members doing this.
The greens team have worked extremely hard to provide members with a practise putting green and a practise net, please use them.
We are aware that we need to improve practise facilities and plans are afoot to try and provide this.. We also have some exciting news which will be made known to members in due course to enable members to access state of the art facilities for practising.
The Committee will discuss and provide documentation after the next meeting on course etiquette at Ryburn.
Thankyou for your cooperation in this matter.

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