Don't be Like Rory!
Rory Mcllroy given 2 shot penatly for not knowing the rules!
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Rory Mcllroy was given a 2 shot penalty for taking back on line relief and dropping the ball in the wrong place!
Rule 19 and Diagram 19.2 covers taking relief for an unplayable ball. See the R&A rules app, it is very good.
You have to read the rule carefully for back on line relief to make sure you do not get caught out. You must pick a spot directly in line with the original ball and the flag, drop the ball to this spot (this then becomes the reference point), the ball can then role in either direction within 1 club length (including forward!). You do not choose your reference point and then take relief 1 club in either direction, this is why Rory was penalised as this is what he did!
See the link for the story on this.
Date for your diary 5/April/24 there will be a social evening at the club (a week before opening day), giving everyone the opportunity to meet old friends and new to kick the new season off. The evening will be hosted by the Comps committee who will also be doing a fun rules quiz, so getting brushing up, as points means prizes!
Rory's Blunder
Rule 19

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